めざせアトランタでPart-Time MBA
  • Author:TAROH
  • GEORGIA州ATLANTAの日系企業に勤務する今年米国駐在6年目を迎えるサラリーマン32歳。ローカルビジネススクール入学とパートタイムでのMBA取得を目指し日々奮闘中。妻子供2人と共に2004年7月SOUTH CAROLINA州よりGEORGIA州へ引越し、現在に至る。横浜市港北区出身。大学時代は体育会系運動部に所属、運動に明け暮れる日々を過ごす。成績不振のためGMATでの挽回を期す。趣味はダイビングとテニス。
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    L25, S/W 26, R 25, TWE 5.0 Total 253 




    ただ、ここ2週間の間にScore It Nowの演習をやってみて思ったことは、内容は大したことはなくてもテンプレートに沿って5パラグラフくらいにまとめることが出来れば、確実に4.0は取れるだろうということ。又、文章量を多くすることによってもスコアはアップすると思う。ついでに言えば、反対意見に対する一定条件下での賛同意見を入れることで(自分の場合は第3パラグラフ)更なるスコアアップが可能だということ。


    ちなみに下記の2エッセーが実際にScore it Now!で6.0だった原文だ。全て一定のテンプレートに沿って書かれたものであり、大した内容でもないし実際にミススペルも多いがE Raterのスコアは6.0である。

    It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

    Your Answer:
    Some people think that the knowledge gained from books is more important because it will become part of your basic principle of your life, meanwhile others may sight that the knowledge gained from the experience is more important due to the reason that there are things that could not be taught from the books by going through special experience unique to each indivisual. In my view, I think the knowledge gained from the experience is more important. I would like to explain the reasons to support my view.

    The main reason for my view is that you can learn things that you cannot gain from the books. For example, imagine when you have to do the first presentation in front of everyone in your office and you have read the book about how to make your presentation successful, so you though you co do better. When you stated talking to the audience you have come to surprise yourself how much your heart is beating. Your bed time book didn't help you at all. You had screwed up the presentation because your scenario had collapsed by your emotional disturbance. However once you got through all this, you know that you need to get yourself prepared in order not to get your emotion bother you too much and you may be in control. Since books won't know what's on your mind, only the experience will improve your knowledge.

    The second reason for my view is that knowledge from the book may not stay in your brain for long. In another words, anything you gained from the book may be forgotten overtime if you put too much stuffs into your memory. To the contrary, when you gained some knowledge through your experience, it is likely that you keep those events in your memory and be able to utilize it next time the same situation comes up.

    Although, admittedly there are knowledge that can only be gained through the books such as accounting or finace knowledge. These mathmatical skills can only be gained with the books and so I agree to the books partly on above view point. However, my poisition is more emphasized on the knowledge gained from the experience.

    In sum, I would strongly agree that the knowledge gained from the experience is more important to the knowledge gained from the bookes based on the reasons I mentioned above. The experience will better enrich my life.

    Some people think that governments should spend as much money as possible on developing or buying computer technology. Other people disagree and think that this money should be spent on more basic needs. Which one of these opinions do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

    Your Answer:
    Whether the goverment should spend a lot of funds to develop or purchase computer technology or should spend on more basic needs depend on the situation for each contry. In my view, I agee that the goverment should spend more basic needs rather than spending money for development of computer technology etc.

    The main reason for my view is that there are more important sectors to use government's money. Needless to say that the goverment's money mainly comes from the tax payer's money. For example, Japan has already been advanced in the computer technology area and that there are different areas to which this country should look into spending the available money. The money should be used efficiently and wisely. Putting extra money on the existing techonlogy is not good. One sector which Japan should spend money is education. The recent world rankings in the math area of middle school children, Japan ranked at number 5. Just few years ago, Japan's rank was number 1. Within the few years, other coutries in Asia made it to the top rank in the math category. Japan's government should use more money in the education sector to develop and improve the math skills of younger childern. Another area is the natural resources. Japan is a country with less natural resources available. However in the recent scientific reseach revealed that there may be a huge amount of natural resources that can be taken from the deap ocean sea. The goverment should put more money into research and development of Japan's sea for investigation of the natural resources.

    Another reason for my view is that most of the goverment already has the computer system in place and does not require much of the development or purchase of the technology.

    However, I admit that the computer is not only an essential tool for the goverment but also important for all the people living in the country. I do not disagree 100% that the money should not be used in the computer technology. The money is required to maintain the computer technology such as upgrading to the new version. However, substantial level of money should not be used.

    In sum, I agree to the position that the money should be spend on more basic needs. There are more important areas to use money rather than the computer systems, as I mentioned above.

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